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So You’re Busy – Just Moving or Moving Forward?

Posted on November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Busy people… constantly on the move, with schedules that barely accommodate enjoying friendships or special occasions; these are the people who call and only have 5 minutes to talk as they return their carefully screened calls. They rarely answer their phones, they are too busy; where are they going, what are they doing, what are all those busy people really accomplishing?

These people imagine that the five minutes they grace you with are worth something precious; after all, they have taken valuable minutes out of their busy schedule to return your call. People who do this often fail to notice that the few minutes allotted to allow others to speak could never provide any meaningful conversation. You leave the conversation angry; they leave it with a check mark off their list of things to do. These are cursory responses to maintain an illusion of caring. Busy people don’t really have time to respond in an appropriate manner.

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs with very busy people. They set their goals and move at lightning speed to accomplish all the things they have determined are necessary to achieve them. Yet many times they find themselves midway or slightly more to the goal line and suddenly realize the destination they have been running towards could never really make them happy. It is a little like being on a power trip, which we should all avoid; they frequently take us someplace we weren’t planning to go.

They change course, again. And now they are busier than ever, they have to make up for lost time. Within all that frenzied movement, there is no meaningful accomplishment in arriving at a goal that has little value in the scope of their life. And so, they chart a new course and keep moving.

This kind of movement frequently masks emotional upheaval, inadequate or deteriorating personal relationships, a sense of superiority or a host of other imbalances in their lives. To slow down means one will be confronted with these facts; all the movement then becomes empty and meaningless. There will come a time when one cannot be busy enough or working hard enough to avoid looking at the things in their own life that have wasted their real value; their life energy.

If you are caught in this trap, you may benefit from the following facts:

1) Friends and partners would rather be rejected than neglected.
2) You don’t appear to be more intelligent or successful because of the movement.
3) The value of your friendship is greatly diminished when friends are treated as hindrances.
4) Your partner expects very little in your relationship as they are last on your list.
5) You appear unfocused and unable to control time and energy to employers.
6) Your health may deteriorate because you don’t have time to care for you.
7) Many people around you are disappointed in your responses.
8) People feel sorry for you because you have missed so much in life.
9) You look around you and notice that really successful people have taken the time to build a well- rounded life; they stopped and dealt with real and personal issues and moved forward.
10) You have arrived someplace where you would really rather not be.

If this defines you and your life, stop moving and take a close look at what you may have been avoiding; then start moving forward. You’ll be glad you did.