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Is The Whole MLM Business Just A Fraud?

Posted on October 31, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are you, like myself, a skeptic who constantly questions everything? If it sounds too good to be true, it is almost guaranteed to be? I have learned from many years in school, to ask questions. Lots of questions. This applies to every part of my life. It is my nature. In a school setting this is not only preferred, but also expected. However, when I unknowingly applied this to my initial MLM encounter (distributor), it was not met very appreciative. I had a feeling that I was asking too much. The result was simply that I got disconnected in unanswered and unreturned phone calls from that particular MLM business. Did this leave me thinking that MLM is nothing but a big pyramid fraud? Absolutely.

In spite of this unpleasant experience I still thought that there was more to the MLM business. Maybe it was not a complete scam after all. Maybe I could find a method to do MLM business that would resonate with me and the person I am (who asks lots of questions)?

As it turns out MLM contains many frauds and pyramid offers. It is full of distributors who want nothing but their times worth. These people are commonly also more concerned with competition than about wanting to improve others’ lives. They might be successful, but only for a time and only at the expense of a very stressful life.

I am aware that people in the MLM business commonly knocks on education. However, I am a firm believer in both education available to everyone and in MLM as a business. Through many years as a student I have also learnt to research my subject at hand. This is exactly what I did with the MLM business. I searched the Internet for other network marketers and what they were doing to make them successful. This approach led me to find another MLM business method best known as attraction marketing. Not only does attraction marketing resonates with me, but this I can do and still be me. There are also proven systems that will work for you and that are replicable for your downline to use.

Helping others to improve their lives is what I have wanted to do all along my educational path. Getting to do it for my business is even better. I have found that there are many legit MLM businesses around and that they can provide for a solution for many. Done right, MLM success is very likely to happen. It can be run without the commonly known old school MLM tactics. These include methods such as concerns for competition and harassing your friends and family. If you are a skeptic such as me, then I can tell you to stop negative thoughts about the MLM business. Though I still encourage to ask questions in order to find the right MLM company for you. More importantly, ask questions to learn how to find MLM success. In general, ask questions. Starting a MLM business can be a great solution for anyone with or without education.