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Don’t Be In Business Just For Yourself

Posted on October 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

You shouldn’t be in this business just for yourself. Instead, be in it for the company, your family, friends and staff. You should regard people as the most important element of your business, because they are.

There’s something that never shows up on the profit-and-loss statement that I call the emotional side of the business. You feel it when you surround yourself with people you really, truly care about. They’re more than just people you work with; they’re people you feel emotionally connected to, and you come to enjoy them. It’s even better when you can create an emotional connection with joint venture partners and work with them for years. Ultimately, running a business well and enjoyably is about a whole lot more than just making money — but here’s how the money comes into play.

When you’re looking out for people you really care about, and you’re trying to serve them and contribute to their lives because they’re contributing to yours, you’ll come up with ideas for making more money that you would never have come up with had you not had those relationships. These people will spur you on. You’ll find yourself doing more because you’re committed to them.

This is one of those things that’s hard to talk about; I know for sure it doesn’t show up in traditional business classes, and you won’t find it in most books about business, but I also know it’s true. Working with people whom you truly care about and who care about you can make you a lot of money that you won’t make if you try to isolate myself and do everything on your own.

It’s a good idea to look at your best customers in much the same way. Learn to enjoy yours, and especially enjoy spending time with them whenever you can. You’ll feel the connection grow. Now, you may occasionally get upset when you’re really trying to help them, and you wish you were able to help them more than you do. Personally, that’s one of my biggest frustrations. Sometimes, although you’re trying your best to help them, your prospects don’t get what you’re doing, they don’t understand the value of it, or for some reason you haven’t connected with them properly.

Let’s face a hard truth about marketing, especially in my business, the opportunity market: Most customers want to achieve their desire-whether it’s losing weight, becoming healthy and fit, repairing their car, or getting rich-without doing a single thing, This is just part of the reality in most markets: people want it all done for them, so they don’t have to do a thing. In the opportunity market, for example, they seem to think money is going to come right out of the sky.

But even when you do everything for them, it’s those with a work ethic who succeed the best. The rest are looking for something for nothing-and I don’t mean that as a judgment call. Again, it’s just reality, and you have to care about those people as much as you care for any of your other customers… even if, by their own admission, a they’re too lazy to accomplish anything.

Take a hard look at your business prospects. Realize that, in whatever field you’re in, they want somebody else to do everything for them. Sometimes it’s a necessity, because it’s not something they can do under normal conditions. If you sell milk, how many of your prospects would ever even have the opportunity to milk a cow themselves? But many businesses consist of providing services and produce the customers could accomplish themselves if they wanted.

So do it all for them, as often as you can. Make you business all about them. In many cases, those are the promotions that will work the best for you, because you’re truly helping your customers-not just yourself and your business.