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ILearningGlobal Business Secrets – Is This MLM Business Just All Hype?

Posted on November 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

There has been a ton of interest in the last year or so about the ILearningGlobal business, an on the move network marketing business They’ve been given the crown as the newest “can’t miss” business opportunity. However what exactly is the truth with the company and is it legitimate or just a scam?

1st, what is the ILearningGlobal business about at its core? While it only recently launched in March 2008, the 4 founders where able to team up with individual and personal success guru Brian Tracey when they founded the company.

However, what specific products does the ILearningGlobal business sell? Really, its a personal development and mindset success oriented information product line. All completed online with video and information training sessions including topics such as: business, personal development, relationships, communication, and finance.

However, a really unique thing about ILearningGlobal training product is the concept of “EVE” ratio, which stands for entertainment vs. education ratio. It’s a measure of how much you spend on things like TV, or hobbies vs. educational or personal development products. The goal of the business is to alter the ratio so you can educate yourself and learn important skills and improve your life.

In summary, the ILearningGlobal business really has some creative and helpful personal development products.

However, what about the ILearningGlobal business opportunity? At the most basic level, they are a direct selling business. Taking a look at the distributor compensation plan, you can earn a residual check from the $79.95/month customer subscription. There are is an additional bonus for an upgrade to premium memberships and a EDGE and ambassador level bonuses as well. It really looks like a good compensation plan overall.

To wrap it up, is the ILearningGlobal business a fraud? Absolutely not in the least, it is an on the move network marketing company which sells top notch product with a competitive pay plan.

But, just like every other network marketing business, the real test for the ILearningGlobal business will be its marketing. How effective will it and its business builders really market and sell the products and business? That is the true test for any companies success, no matter what high grade products or opportunity they make available.

If you are an ILearning Global business builder, I highly suggest you learn how to effectively market either the business or product in order to be really successful. Learn something like pay per click marketing, electronic magazine ads, or video marketing. This is what creates prospects, leads and downlines.

If you want to learn more about growing your ILearningGlobal business, read below and click on the link for more information.

Starting an Internet Based Business – Just Starting Out

Posted on November 7, 2018 in Uncategorized

Starting an internet based business is a great way to earn extra money on the side, and if you are good enough it can possibly be your ticket to financial freedom. But before you quit your job and tell off your boss there are some things that we should look at before you make that big decision.

Internet Businesses Are Not For Everyone

It is true. It is not for everyone. For one to have a successful business takes a lot of time and dedication, and the willingness to learn. Upon starting an internet based business you will come across many things that you may have very little understanding of. But that’s okay because everyone starts off like this. However it is up to you if you’re up to the task or not.

Making Money Takes Time

Keep in mind that you will have to work for it. You’re not going to make money the second you put up your website. The more time you put into something the better the results will come out. Build that strong foundation. Putting in the time and effort now will ensure that your business does not fall to the dirt. So plant those seeds and make them grow.

Your Budget

It takes money to make money. You can’t build a successful online business completely for free. Expensive or cheap you will have to invest in a few things for your business to excel. Here a few of them:

Website: You won’t need one to begin with as there are cheap and free ways to market on the internet, but you will need one eventually if you expect your business to grow bigger.

Domain Name: If you have a website then you’ll need to give it a good name.

Internet Hosting: Once you have a website built it’s time to put it out the net for everyone to see.

Internet Marketing Training: If you are starting an internet based business then you’ll need to learn how to market on the internet. It’s your choice if you want to enroll or not, but taking a few courses to point you in the right direction wouldn’t hurt.

It’s also good to take note that you may not want to quit your day job just yet. Save the quitting for when your business is up and about and raking in a steady income.


There must be a reason why you want to start an online business. Ask yourself those questions and use them to keep motivated. Motivation goes a long way. If you want something that bad you will go through great lengths to get it.

An internet business should be no different from any job. The only time it will get easy is when you have finally conquered the walls and mountains that come in the early stages of building a business. The first steps are the hardest, but if you have the right mindset you will succeed in your goals..

Doing Business Just to Keep Your Employees Employed? Noble Idea, But a Failing Strategy

Posted on November 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

We must review this issue again, as I continue to talk to small business owners who tell me they are accepting marginal business, even loss leaders, non profitable business just to keep their men employed.

This must stop. There is no logic whatsoever to this strategy and in the end all it will do is put you out of business, costing all your employees including yourself, their job and cost you your revenue you are so carefully trying to protect.

It is basic arithmetic. Every aspect of business has overhead, not just the cost of goods. Not just the payroll. But also the payroll taxes, the insurance, the fuel for the trucks, the rent for the office or building, taxes on everything, and on it goes.

So when you accept a job that is not profitable, just to keep the men working you are in fact investing additional capital into this job, capital you do not have, the hidden costs which are not being satisfied. Yes you may be able to pull out the men’s paycheck, but if you are not covering everything which comes out of gross profit then you are losing money and contributing to your own demise, then all the jobs will be lost including yours. What is the point?

Business is cruel, but the math never fails, it tells the truth. If you are bidding jobs below profitability, including all your overhead, or selling product at deeply discounted prices that will not support all your overhead out of profit, you are fooling yourself and it is ego that is driving you, not smart business sense and the arithmetic.

I understand that your employees are like family and you feel a sense of responsibility for them and their families and you know how difficult it will be for them to find replacement jobs, however you may as well just send them home and mail them their paycheck as that would be better than having them work for below cost or without adequate profit.

You must cease this emotional support of your employees; it is not your responsibility. Get smaller, save some jobs, reduce your debt and reinvent your business so it works in this down economy that is what you should be doing for your employees so you can employ them meaningfully and profitably, not wastefully with disaster looming in the future.